Spotted flycatcher — Muscicapa striata

Drab brown songbird with a streaky white breast. Also note streaking on crown. Tends to perch rather upright on exposed snags and other perches, often sallying out to snatch insects and returning to the same perch (“flycatching”). Favors open mixed and deciduous woodland with clearings, as well as scrub, parkland, larger gardens, and plantations. Song is composed of high-pitched squeaky single or double notes, often with a trilled quality. Calls include high-pitched “tseet” and descending “djeer” notes.

Photo: Look how gorgeous Spotted flycatcher — Muscicapa striata

Description Spotted flycatcher — Muscicapa striata

1800The Muscicapa striata, also known as the Spotted  Flycatcher, is a small passerine bird in the Old World flycatcher family. It is known for its distinct spotted appearance and agile flying abilities, making it a fascinating subject for birdwatchers and researchers alike.

The Spotted Flycatcher has a wide distribution range, spanning across Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is a migratory bird, with its breeding range covering much of Europe and western Asia, while its wintering range extends to sub-Saharan Africa. During the breeding season, the species can be found in a variety of habitats, including woodlands, parks, gardens, and urban areas. In its wintering grounds, the Spotted Flycatcher can be spotted in open woodlands, savannas, and other wooded habitats.

In Europe, the species is particularly common in the western and northern parts of the continent, but it can also be found in parts of southern Europe. During migration, the birds travel long distances to reach their wintering grounds in Africa, where they can be found in countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Overall, the Spotted Flycatcher’s distribution is quite extensive, covering diverse geographical regions and ecosystems. Its ability to adapt to different habitats during different seasons contributes to its widespread presence across multiple continents.

In conclusion, the Muscicapa striata, or Spotted Flycatcher, is a fascinating bird species with a broad distribution range that encompasses Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its adaptability to various habitats and its migratory nature make it a dynamic and intriguing subject for ornithologists and nature enthusiasts.

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