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Crested duck — Grogotovac — Whistleblower

The Anatidae family comprises birds commonly known as ducks, geese, and swans, and it is found across every continent except Antarctica.  Members of this family are adapted to aquatic life with webbed feet, flattened bills, and a waterproof plumage. They inhabit a variety of water bodies including lakes, rivers, marshes, and coastal waters. Distribution and …

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Dalmatian Pelican — Pelecanus crispus

Family: PelecanidaeGenus: Pelecanus  The massive pelican stands out with its disheveled look, featuring a dirty white plumage and a scruffy, upswept crest. Its black primaries become prominent during flight, adding to its distinctive appearance. During the breeding season, adults showcase a bright orange pouch, which turns yellow when not breeding. While it might be mistaken …

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Crested lark — Galerida cristata

Family: AlaudidaeGenus: Galerida  Medium sized lark with a prominent crest. Separated from the more range-restricted Thekla’s Lark by longer bill with straight lower mandible and usually longer and spikier crest. Lots of variation in plumage color, which matches local soil types, but usually grayer and darker than Eurasian Skylark. Short tail and rust-tinged underwings obvious …

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Eurasian spoonbill — Platalea leucorodia

Family: ThreskiornithidaeGenus: Platalea Distinctive, large white wading bird with a spatula for a bill. Adult has short crest, yellowish breast patch. First year has paler bill, with fine black wingtips visible in flight. Sleeping birds have horizontal posture and bulging neck, vs. more vertical stance of egrets. Found in wetlands with shallow water (including tidal …

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Greater flamingo — Phoenicopterus roseus

Family: PhoenicopteridaeGenus: Phoenicopterus This species is distributed across regions spanning from Africa and southern Europe through West Asia to South Asia. It is notably large, featuring a distinctive «coat hanger» neck, a sizable kinked bill, and remarkably long pinkish legs. While at rest, its plumage appears whitish with a subtle pale pink blush, often revealing …

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Great crested grebe — Podiceps cristatus

Family: PodicipedidaeGenus: Podiceps This species is quite abundant around lakes, reservoirs, and along major rivers, particularly where reeds line the banks, providing nesting sites for the construction of floating platforms. During winter, it occasionally ventures onto inshore ocean waters, particularly in freezing conditions. Breeding pairs exhibit territorial behavior, while flocks tend to congregate during the …

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Phylloscopus collybita — Common chiffchaff

Family: PhylloscopidaeGenus: Phylloscopus A rather unadorned leaf warbler commonly encountered in a range of wooded and scrubby environments, frequently in close proximity to water sources. Its identification is best achieved through its vocalizations: characterized by a slightly jerky double-noted chiff-chaff, chiff-chaff… song, distinctively different from that of the similar Willow Warbler. Compared to the Willow …

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White stork — Ciconia ciconia

Family: CiconiidaeGenus: Ciconia Large, mostly white stork with black flight-feathers and conical red bill. Breeds in open farmland and wetlands, with bulky stick nests conspicuous in trees and often on buildings. In nonbreeding season forages in open areas such as grasslands and agricultural areas. Flies with neck and legs outstretched, and strong, deep wingbeats interspersed …

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Black-tailed godwit — Limosa limosa

Family: ScolopacidaeGenus: Limosa A sociable medium-sized wader distinguished by its long, slightly upturned bill, particularly notable for its very long pink-based structure. During the breeding season, it displays a vivid rusty head and breast, with dark barring on the belly. In contrast, its nonbreeding plumage features a rather plain grayish head, breast, and upperparts, lacking …

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Black-winged stilt — Himantopus himantopus

Family: RecurvirostridaeGenus: Himantopus A remarkable large wader distinguished by its bold black-and-white plumage, featuring a slender, straight bill and vibrant pink legs. It inhabits wetlands with open shallow water across much of Africa and Eurasia, frequently occurring in brackish habitats. Certain populations undertake migratory journeys, departing from their northern breeding grounds to seek warmer climates …

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