European goldfinch — Carduelis carduelis

Beautiful little finch with a sharp pink bil, cherry-red face, and brilliant black-and-yellow flashes in the wings.  Western birds (Europe east to far western Central Asia) have a black-and-white cowl; eastern birds (rest of Central Asia) lack this cowl, and are grayer overall, with more white on the wing. Juvenile (seen in late summer and autumn) has a plain head but is told easily by bold wing pattern. Uses a wide array of wooded and open habitats, from forests and gardens to steppe grasslands and meadows; often feeds on seeding thistles. Forms flocks in autumn and winter, gathering at food sources. Can be inconspicuous, but often detected by pleasant bubbling and twittering calls and song.

Photo: Look how gorgeous European goldfinch — Carduelis carduelis

Description European goldfinch — Carduelis carduelis

1200The Carduelis carduelis bird, also known as the European goldfinch, is a small passerine bird in the finch family that is native to Europe, North Africa, and western and central Asia. This distinctive bird is known for its colorful plumage, with a red face, black and white head, and a yellow wing patch. The European goldfinch is a popular garden bird and has also been introduced to other parts of the world, including New Zealand and Australia.

The distribution of the European goldfinch spans a wide range of habitats, including open woodlands, hedgerows, and gardens. It is particularly common in areas with thistles, which form an important part of its diet. The bird’s range extends from the British Isles and Scandinavia in the west to Central Asia and Siberia in the east. It is also found in North Africa, including Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

In Europe, the European goldfinch is a widespread and common species, with populations found in countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. It is known to migrate in some parts of its range, particularly in northern Europe where harsh winters can lead to movements southwards. However, in milder climates, many European goldfinches are resident throughout the year.

The European goldfinch is a sociable bird, often seen in small flocks outside the breeding season, and it is known for its melodious and tinkling song. Its striking appearance and lively behavior make it a popular subject for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. The bird’s adaptability and ability to thrive in human-altered landscapes have contributed to its widespread presence across its range.

Overall, the Carduelis carduelis, or European goldfinch, is a charismatic and colorful bird with a broad distribution across Europe, North Africa, and western and central Asia. Its presence in a variety of habitats and its ability to coexist with human activities make it a familiar and welcome sight for birdwatchers and nature lovers throughout its range.

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